Hosting another club whether it is for a day trip or on overnight stay can be a very challenging but also a rewarding experience. When an under age team is visiting your club agree the detailed timetable with your visitors as soon as is practically possible prior to the visit taking place. Be conscious that your visitors have there own deadlines to meet and must also furnish the parents of their own players with a schedule for the day. Prior planning is the key to success and consideration should be given to appointing a specially appointed group to deliver this task.


The following needs to be considered:

  •  The age group of the visiting club.
  • The number of people in your own group and from the visiting club.
  • The timetable for all games and events.
  • Referees and other officials.
  • Catering arrangements with a choice of food that caters for all needs and dietary requirements.
  • Availability and attendance of First Aid personnel.
  • Emergency contact numbers.
  • An alternative programme of events should the weather or some other factors. Attempt to spoil your day.


Hosting overnight

Should your club be providing overnight accommodation special care must be taken in the selection of homes in which young people will reside. It is the responsibility of the host club to provide suitable accommodation which has been deemed acceptable in advance of the arrival of your visiting club.


The following requires consideration in advance of the event or the visit of the other club(s):

  •  Host families must provide a safe and caring environment for young people.
  • All houses must be checked for suitability by the host club.
  • The club should seek references of hosting families if deemed necessary and must avail of the GAA vetting and Police check services for the vetting of host family adults as deemed Appropriate.
  • The club should provide an itinerary of events to the host family.
  • More than one child should be staying in a host home.
  • The club should make host families aware of any special needs (medical or dietary) as required by the young people.
  • Parents / Guardians and the young people should have a contact number for the host and for an official in charge.
  • Young people should not be asked to share a room with an adult.
  • Young people should not share a room with a member of opposite sex.


GAA Code of Best Practice in Youth Sport 01-11-2011


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