Player Profile


 Name: D.J Flynn             Nickname:     Kingpin     Age: 20 (On The 24th Feb)                  Position: Wing/Corner Forward

Toughest Opponent:

Gerry Keegan from the 2012 minor finals generally a all round skilful player and someone who is faster than me

 Best Player Played With:

I would say it’s from the minor winning panel, it would be Evan Flynn naturally talented and a joy to along with, and my cousin as KFM said??? Lol

 Most Memorable Moment:

Winning the minor a championship in 2012 amazing bunch of players, we went through “Hell” for it!!!

 Role Model/Idol:

Ronaldo, well he is a 10 and just unreal, My Gaa role model would be Bernard Brogan, so much skill and precession with both feet.


Best Trainer:  Paul Cornish & Mark Scanlon  , Niall Fleming has his moments

 Worst Trainer:

Myself , I like to moon a lot Lol


Jay Dunne & Myself ( Powell & Bolt)

 Team Enforcer: 

Dean Houlihan  & Stuart Murphy , two handsome men who throw a few handbags

 Biggest Messer:

Dean Houlihan  & James Robinson boosting team moral , key at this stage of the year  “ya know”

If you had a last minute free to win a Championship for Round Towers, who would you most and least like to trust taking it?

Most !! Riche Scahill , has proven it before against JTB , his left peg is tremendous


 Worst Dress Sense:

Babzy fantastic brown jumper  lol


U/14  Division 2, U/14 School South Leinster + Leinster Schools  Champions ,

U/16  Division 2, U/16 School South Leinster + Leinster Schools  Champions ,

Minor “A”Championship + Leinster

 Best Advice Received Underage:

Just keep running , “If we work , we win , Simple!!”

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