Player Profile

Name:  James Robinson NicknameRobbo, Jimmy, Robbie Age: 26

Position: Goalkeeper/Full Forward

Toughest Opponent

When I was outfield Declan Brown and myself had some good battles, he went on to play for Kildare, as a keeper I have it when Richie Scahill is one on one with me

Best Player Played With

Glen Ryan, no need to say anymore

Most Memorable Moment

Winning the 2008 Under 21 Club Championship in 2007beating the “Sash” Incredible panel with an incredible will to win

Role Model/Idol

Colm Corkery when I play full forward (Same physique), Now as a keeper, Stephan “Clucko the Legend” Cluxton, he sets the bar for all goal keepers.


Best Trainer: Paul Cornish & Jason O Brien

Worst Trainer: This is so easy!!! No Doubt Ken Whelan 😉

Fastest: Also an easy one, DJ “Speedy Gonzales” Flynn

Team Enforcer:

Barry Waters an animal!!

Biggest Messer:

Dean Houlihan would be!! Very quite in the dressing room without him

Davey O Neill is a devil for the messing as well!!

If you had a last minute free to win a Championship for Round Towers, who would you most and least like to trust taking it?

Well after Dingle, obviously not Neil Scanlon (Sorry Cuz), but I would have no worries if Stuart Murphy or Richie Scahill stepped up to the mark

Worst Dress Sense:

Jason O Brien and his “Nike Air Max”, Niall Fleming also thinks he’s “Harry Stynes” with his dress sense 🙂


  2007 Under 21 Club Championship, only one worth mentioned 🙂

Best Advice Received Underage

The ball never gets tired “ever”


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