8175_10151322199797213_2239166_nPlayer Profile

Name:  Neil Scanlon           Nickname: Neilly        Age: 23        Position: Full Forward

Toughest Opponent

Michael Kelly, I have played all the way up through underage with Mikey due to him marking me all the time in training, he has made me a better player!!

Best Player Played With

Lenny Donlon, from a forwards point of view , his vision and precision , best passer of a ball!!!

Most Memorable Moment

Winning the 2008 Under 21 Club Championship with a great bunch of lads who soldier with me still today!!

 Role Model/Idol

Eric Thomas, Brian O Driscoll

My Gaa Idol has to be Colm “Gooch” Cooper, for any forward, he has to be the ultimate role model, and his skills under pressure are Unreal!!


Best Trainer: Paul Cornish (Running Machine)

Worst Trainer: James Robinson / Ken Whelan 😉

Fastest:  Jason Dunne

Team Enforcer:

Larry Waters (He Plays Rugby Sure!!) 😉

D.J Flynn has also been known to sort out a row or two 😉

Biggest Messer:

Dean Houlihan just look at him!! 🙂

Steven “Gundy” O Brien,  as he has made some very funny homemade videos lately

If you had a last minute free to win a Championship for Round Towers, who would you most and least like to trust taking it?

Dean just because I don’t think he would be able to concentrate on the kick with the little woman constantly on his mind 🙂

Worst Dress Sense:

Mark, he mostly wears my clothes, but when he does buy his own, he tries in vain to dress and fit in like an 18 year old, he just ends up looking like a creepy school teacher 😉

“Brotherly Love”


Kildare Under 14, 16 & 21 Panelist ,  2008 Under 21 Club Championship

Best Advice Received Underage

Just to AHHHHHH keep it, Focus on doing your own job, and understand your role for the team, anything else is out of your control, Practice!!! Practice!!!  Practice!!!

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